Are you about to Stumble Abroad and filled with questions? Well you have come to the right place! Every travel stump we've stumbled over is shared right here, so your trip can go smoother.

Whether you are traveling for a week, months or moving permanently there are many travel essentials to explore. Our goal is to offer travel guidance and support from factual information and real experiences, provide enjoyable travel photos and to encourage the start of your world journey!

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About The Author

Ky-Lee Hanson is the creator, researcher, author, editor, photographer and lead travel Stumbler behind StumbleAbroad. At the age of 27, she has lived in multiple major cities and small towns all over Canada and Mexico, with plans to Stumble the rest of the world. Ky-Lee is a natural Business Creationist who is always striking up new projects and tying her passions into entrepreneurial businesses.  Being a planner and a better-living-seeker, her itch to travel and move-about the world has lead to much research and hands on experience. This sparked the idea of StumbleAbroad, a place to share the hurdles of moving and traveling, and factual information on what you need to know about your desired destination. 

Current Location: Montreal, Quebec

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